There are many good reasons to introduce friends or family to the delightful taste of craft. These beers offer something that mass produced products cannot. They come in a range of tastes and flavours and brewers use seasonal ingredients to create unique brews that stir the senses. If you would like to get someone started on craft beer, here are some ways to do so.

Explain Why it is Important

Turning your friends or family over to craft beer is good for many reasons. For many people, beer is just beer, there is no difference, and they are not that fussy when it comes to selecting a brand. They can drink anything, depending on what is available in the bar or restaurant.

If they have this attitude, you need to explain the importance of drinking New Zealand beer. When they drink craft beer, they are putting money back into the economy. Nearly all craft beer on sale in New Zealand is produced by local breweries. When you buy NZ made craft beer, you are supporting local business and fostering industry growth, all good things for the country and the economy.

Try Similar Brand They Already Like

If they have drank ale on another occasion and they enjoyed it, then try to get them something that is similar in taste. If you go from one end of the spectrum to the other, you could put the person off craft beer for life.

Take baby steps when introducing someone to craft beer, when they find a brew they like, look for others that are of similar taste and flavour. There are some apps dedicated to helping you find similar craft beers.

Tour a Brewery

What better way to get someone hooked on craft beer than to take them to a local brewery and show them how the professionals do things. Even if they do not take to craft beer after the tour, they will be willing to try it again after such as an enjoyable day. Many local breweries offer tours and tasting events that are great for newbies starting out.

Some people do not take to the taste of craft beer straight away, it is all about being open minded and finding a brew that you enjoy. Do not give up the first time as there are many brews to choose from and many good reasons to support local breweries by switching over to craft from mass produced products.

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